Get your bottled water the next day* and no deposit to pay, with our ‘one trip’ solution, delivering anywhere in the UK. Made from PET 100% recyclable plastic, the 15 litres bottles have universal caps to fit any standard UK bottled water cooler.

*Delivery Monday to Friday. Orders must be placed before 9am to guarantee next day delivery.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint!

We can arrange delivery and collection of 19 litre water bottles from a recommended supplier local to you; prices start from £6.99 per bottle plus a £5 refundable deposit, minimum order of 4 water bottles with delivery inclusive. 11 litre and 12 litre water bottles are also available, please ask our Bottled Water Team for details.

No more restrictive rental contracts and save money; simply buy your bottled water cooler and go. Then just order water when you need it!

To arrange water provision from a local supplier, please contact our Water Team on 0800 731 1491.