Hydration in Hospitality / HoReCa

Our popular high capacity machines allow you to easily fill up glass bottles and even sell your own water in your banqueting and hospitality facilities.

We understand the importance of a reliable high capacity self-fill bottle solution that won’t let you down. Specifically designed for all hospitality, banqueting and catering operations.

With high-volume capacity the machine dispenses cold, still and sparkling water into your selected bottles, jugs or decanters.

With self-fill bottling machines mean that you no longer have to buy, store or chill large volumes of bottled water or worry about water deliveries.

Even if you decide not to sell the water you will still save money compared to buying in bottles and its environmentally friendly, with less glass, plastic and petrol required across the supply chain.

Choose one of our instant boiling hot taps or drinking water boilers for the provision of hot water to make all the hot drinks for the office, workplace kitchen or boardroom. Save time, money and energy in keeping customers and staff happy and hydrated.